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6cbb79a... by Scott Moser

tox: Support running tests and flake8 in tox.

This puts into place a tox.ini for running unit tests without
a large amount of deps installed into the system. For example,
we did not want to need libnl-route-3-dev or build-essential installed
in the system in order to run unit tests.

In order avoid import errors in the modules due to these missing
dependencies, we have added a 'fake_deps/' directory that provides
mock'd objects of the dependencies that were used.

The only installed packages necessary for this to run should be
tox itself and its dependencies (pip and friends). From a clean new
container we can then do:
  apt-get install tox
  git clone ...

Also along the way:
 * adjust to only need the DistUtilsExtra during 'build'.
   This means tox usage doesn't require python3-distutils-extra.
 * drop use of lsb_release in favor of built-in parsing.
   This python module wasn't doing much. We can parse /etc/lsb-release
   ourselves with less footprint. Also part of the motivation for this
   is that lsb_release was not on pypi.
 * replace use of StorageInfo in with a FakeStorageInfo
 * .gitignore: ignore only the top level 'probert' directory so that
   we can track fake_deps/probert.
 * fix a couple escape chars, by using raw strings (r'').

c53b3da... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

change back to looking for ssh-import-id in answers

a64ae8b... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Merge pull request #339 from CanonicalLtd/mwhudson/snap-screen

offer featured snaps for installation

f4c4818... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

remove a flag that is set but never checked

19dd965... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

some self-review

738d8e1... by Michael Hudson-Doyle


49ad5c2... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

switch to using cloud-init to download/install snaps

c044dc9... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

fix lint

eab0f66... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

use general machinery a little more

3f86d75... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

move Padding outside SnapInfoView