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76ff668... by Valentin David

90-rtc-sys-time-init.rules: do not call systemd-escape

25a41ae... by Valentin David

90-rtc-sys-time-init.rules: Optimize

dcf0577... by Valentin David

Use ucdev ppa instead of ubuntu-image

secureboot-db was copied to ucdev. This will make it easier for the
team to add custom packages as we need now a patched version of

e2bfb01... by Ernest Lotter

static/usr/lib: rtc-sys-time-init@.service must remain after exit

de99b00... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

Accept ubuntu_core.bootchart as alias for core.bootchart

To keep consistency with other kernel command line settings.

0620b22... by Ernest Lotter

static/usr/lib: added more deterministic system time to rtc time sync activated by kernel cmdline

3df9182... by Valentin David

Remove cleanup-timesyncd hack

It always removes the clock stamp so it breaks timesyncd ability to
put forward the clock to a time further than when system was last
powered down, when no rtc is available.

243cf50... by Valentin David

get-arg: fix call to printf

Anything with and "A" or a "0" in the name was not parsed correctly
and interpreted as a space instead.

3301dbc... by Valentin David

bootchart: read mode from modeenv instead of kernel command line

Also use a generator to enable it instead of disabling it with

865e237... by Ernest Lotter

static: correct clock epoch file in script fix-hctosys