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18. By James Page on 2013-09-24

d/plugin-parent.pom.in,control: Bump access-modifier-check version
to 1.4 inline with the version in Debian unstable.
(Closes: #720822, #720803)

17. By James Page on 2013-08-13

* New upstream release (Closes: #706725):
  - d/control: Update versioned BD's:
    * jenkins-executable-war >= 1.28.
    * jenkins-instance-identity >= 1.3.
    * libjenkins-remoting-java >= 2.23.
    * libjenkins-winstone-java >= 0.9.10-jenkins-44.
    * libstapler-java >= 1.207.
    * libjenkins-json-java >= 2.4-jenkins-1.
    * libstapler-adjunct-timeline-java >= 1.4.
    * libstapler-adjunct-codemirror-java >= 1.2.
    * libmaven-hpi-plugin-java >= 1.93.
    * libjenkins-xstream-java >= 1.4.4-jenkins-3.
  - d/maven.rules: Map to older version of animal-sniffer-maven-plugin.
  - Add patch for compatibility with guava >= 0.14.
  - Add patch to exclude asm4 dependency via jnr-posix.
  - Fixes the following security vulnerabilities:
    CVE-2013-2034, CVE-2013-2033, CVE-2013-2034, CVE-2013-1808
* d/patches/*: Switch to using git patch-queue for managing patches.
* De-duplicate jars between libjenkins-java and jenkins-external-job-monitor
  (Closes: #701163):
  - d/control: Add dependency between jenkins-external-job-monitor ->
  - d/rules:
    Drop installation of jenkins-core in jenkins-external-job-monitor.
  - d/jenkins-external-job-monitor.{links,install}: Link to jenkins-core
    in /usr/share/java instead of included version.
* Wait longer for jenkins to stop during restarts (Closes: #704848):
  - d/jenkins.init: Re-sync init script from upstream codebase.

16. By James Page on 2013-07-25

* Upload to unstable (Closes: #713394, #713423)
* d/control: Fixup versioned inter-dependencies between jenkins
  packages (Closes: #704845).
* d/jenkins.default: Provide variables for configuring listen address
  for http and ajp connections (Closes: #684586), listen on
  by default to allow installs to be secured before wider access
  (Closes: #675233).
* Fixup compatibility with new versions of dependencies:
  - d/p/build/fileupload-compat.patch: Compatibility patch for
    commons-fileupload >= 1.3.
  - d/p/build/io-compat.pach: Compatibility patch for commons-io >= 2.4.
  - d/control: Add versioned dependencies for the above patches.
* d/*.init: Drop use of /lib/init/vars.sh.
* d/rules: Use mh_installpoms to install all pom files as this ensures
  that ignore rules are actually used.

15. By James Page on 2013-01-29

[ Steven McDonald ]
* Fix multiple security issues in Jenkins core (Closes: #696816):
  - d/p/security/CVE-2012-6073.patch: Cherry-picked a fix from 1.480.1
    release to resolve an open redirect vulnerability.
  - d/p/security/CVE-2012-6074.patch: Cherry-picked a fix from 1.480.1
    release to resolve a cross-site scripting vulnerability.
  - Fixes: CVE-2012-6073, CVE-2012-6074

[ James Page ]
* Ensure jenkins-winstone with fix for CVE-2012-6072 is picked up
  during build (Closes: #696816):
  - d/control: Version jenkins-winstone BD (>= 0.9.10-jenkins-37+dfsg-2~)
  - Fixes: CVE-2012-6072

14. By James Page on 2012-09-25

* Fix multiple security issues in Jenkins core (Closes: #688298):
  - d/p/security/CVE-2012-4438_CVE-2012-4439.patch: Cherry picked
    fixes from 1.466.2 release to resolve remote code execution
    and XSS security vulnerabilities.
  - d/rules: Tweaked handling of groovy -> java source file copy to
    accommodate the file created by the above patch.
  - Fixes: CVE-2012-4438, CVE-2012-4439

13. By James Page on 2012-06-21

* New upstream release.
* Ensure jenkins keeps logging after log rotation (LP: #993065).
  - d/*.logrotate: Switch to copytruncate so jenkins does not lose
    the original file handle.

12. By James Page on 2012-05-02

* New upstream release:
  - d/patches/dependency-upgrade/groovy-upgrade.patch: Dropped - now
    aligned to upstream version.
  - d/patches/build/jenkins-version-number.patch: Patch in small version
    handling library from Jenkins project rather than package separately.
  - d/patches/build/use-stock-jmdns.patch, d/maven.rules: Revert upstream
    use of minor fork of JmDNS.
  - d/patches/build/build.patch: Allow building with Maven 2, this works
    OK for this package as Maven 3 features are not used by the package
    build process at the moment.
  - d/patches/build/remove-findbugs.patch: Drop findbugs annotations from
    the codebase as this tool is not packaged for Debian.
  - Refreshed all other patches.
  - d/maven.ignoreRules, d/maven.properties: Disable unit testing and ignore
    powermock dependencies until powermock is packaged.
  - d/maven.ignoreRules, d/NEWS: Ignore jenkins sshd module until it gets
    packaged and let users know this feature is missing.
  - d/control: Added new dependencies on libsisu-guice-java, libmockito-java.

11. By James Page on 2012-03-27

* New upstream release, fixing XSS security vulnerability (Closes: #664057):
  - d/control: Add new dependency on libowasp-java-html-sanitizer-java.
  - d/maven.rules: Add new rule to use artifacts
    from libowasp-java-html-sanitizer-java.
* Switch upstart configurations to use start-stop-daemon to allow
  desktop systems to shutdown.
* d/jenkins-slave.upstart.in: Ensure /var/run/jenkins exists before
  trying to download the jenkins slave.jar file to it.
  Thanks to Al Stone for providing this fix.

10. By James Page on 2012-02-28

* New upstream bugfix release.
* Refreshed patches:
  - Dropped disable-avalon-frawework.patch - no longer required.
* Bumped Standards-Version: 3.9.3; no changes required.
* Enable use of jenkins-instance-identity and jenkins-ssh-cli-auth to
  support use of public/private keypairs when using the jenkins remote
  cli tool.
* Dropped jcaptcha-slf4j.patch; no longer required as library not used.
* Updated plugin parent pom file to specifiy default source/target for
  maven-compiler-plugin as Java 1.5.
* Ensure that jenkins group exists and that its the primary group for
  the jenkins user to help deal with transition from upstream packaging
  (Closes: #661203).

9. By James Page on 2012-02-10

* Enable Jenkins plugin components to support building plugins and
  modules (Closes: #658071):
  - d/control: Enabled libjenkins-plugin-parent-java, updated dependencies.
  - d/plugin-debian.pom.in,rules: Install pom file to act as parent POM for
    plugin development based on upstream plugin pom file.
  - d/libjenkins-plugin-parent-java.poms: Dropped - no longer required.
  - d/patches/build/plugin.patch: Dropped - no longer required.
* Switch to using libservlet2.5-java (Closes: #658805)

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