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Francis Ginther (fginther) wrote :

Two inline comments below.

Also, at some point, we need to think a little more about how the hints are used. These were originally setup for dealing with autopkgtests and the hints 'force-skiptest' and 'force-badtest' are really geared toward skipping those known tests. But we really don't want to skip other types of tests just because a package has some poorly written autopkgtest that no one wants to update. In this current MP, 'force-skiptest' is not used and I think that's the right way to go. I also think we need to remove 'force'badtest' and just use 'force' to act as a universal override (to override any type of autopkgtest, boottest, or snappy-selftest failure). This may be enough, but perhaps we'll need to define a set of hints specific to each required test type (i.e. 'force-bad-boottest', 'force-bad-snappy-selftest').

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