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Frederic Clementi - Camptocamp (frederic-clementi) wrote :

Customer invoices creation :

* BVR number is populated on all account move lines. it is no relevant. We should only have this information on the account move line containing the same account_id than the one indicated on the related invoice.

* The field call reference on the SO (and the webkit pdf also) becomes a description on the invoice and the move line. I suggest to call it description everywhere.
note that on the webkit invoice this information appears twice under the name Subject & You reference... which is not ideal as well

* Bank statement with all swiss modules :
-> button 'import invoice' : no BVR no populated into the transaction ref
-> button 'import payment lines' : no BVR no populated into the transaction ref (but ok in payment lines)
- butoon 'import BVR' - transaction ref is correctely populated but I should have the invoice number into the field 'reference' and a / into 'communication' (currentely it is the other way around so it is not consistent with all the new logic in place)



review: Needs Fixing

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