Merge lp:~camptocamp/banking-addons/vre-preserve-manual-partial-reconcile into lp:banking-addons/bank-statement-reconcile-70

Proposed by Vincent Renaville@camptocamp on 2014-06-20
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp:~camptocamp/banking-addons/vre-preserve-manual-partial-reconcile
Merge into: lp:banking-addons/bank-statement-reconcile-70
Diff against target: 18 lines (+4/-1)
1 file modified
account_easy_reconcile/ (+4/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~camptocamp/banking-addons/vre-preserve-manual-partial-reconcile
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Guewen Baconnier @ Camptocamp code review 2014-06-20 Approve on 2014-06-20
Review via email:

Description of the change

This fix prevent to remove manual partial reconcile, when you use easy reconcile

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Why is there parenthesis around 'manual'?

160. By Vincent Renaville@camptocamp on 2014-06-20

[FIX] remove unuseful brackets


Thanks for the review, it's a typo mistake, I have corrected it



review: Approve (code review)
Pedro Manuel Baeza (pedro.baeza) wrote :

This project is now hosted on Please move your proposal there. This guide may help you

Unmerged revisions

160. By Vincent Renaville@camptocamp on 2014-06-20

[FIX] remove unuseful brackets

159. By Vincent Renaville@camptocamp on 2014-06-20

[FIX] It exclude manual partial reconcile from reconcile selection

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1=== modified file 'account_easy_reconcile/'
2--- account_easy_reconcile/ 2013-01-04 08:39:10 +0000
3+++ account_easy_reconcile/ 2014-06-20 15:02:02 +0000
4@@ -77,10 +77,13 @@
5 return "SELECT %s" % ', '.join(self._base_columns(rec))
7 def _from(self, rec, *args, **kwargs):
8- return "FROM account_move_line"
9+ return ("FROM account_move_line "
10+ "LEFT OUTER JOIN account_move_reconcile ON (account_move_line.reconcile_partial_id ="
11+ )
13 def _where(self, rec, *args, **kwargs):
14 where = ("WHERE account_move_line.account_id = %s "
15+ "AND COALESCE(account_move_reconcile.type,'') <> 'manual' "
16 "AND account_move_line.reconcile_id IS NULL ")
17 # it would be great to use dict for params
18 # but as we use _where_calc in _get_filter


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