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Recent revisions

20. By camicri on 2015-01-11

* CubeSystemUpdater.cs:
* CubeProjectManager.cs: **Modified**
Copies also all files under preferences.d directory (Apt Preference

* CubeSInformation.cs: **Modified**
Updated Information

* CubeSource.cs: **Modified**
Added PPA extraction

* CubeSourcesManager.cs: **Modified**
Added support for files under preferences.d

* UbuntuEssentials.cs: **Modified**
Now get terminal list on cube configuration files

* Main.cs:
* gui.stetic:
* generated.cs:
* cubeget.CubeWindow.cs:

19. By camicri on 2015-01-11

* PROC_Initialize.cs: **Modified**
Temporary fix for sudden crash during click 'Downloaded' button and
  other list packages.
[Known issue] GTK# bug for widget.sensitive
[Fix] Make whole window sensitive than each components.

* CubeAPTInstaller.cs: **Modified**
Added additional message for "terminal not found" errors.

* CubeAptPreferencesConstraints.cs: **Modified**
Added support for LP-PPA entries on configuration fie.

* CubeDPKGInstaller.cs: **Modified**
Added additional message for "terminal not found" errors.

18. By camicri on 2015-01-10

Changed version to ''

17. By camicri on 2015-01-10

Added pantheon-terminal and konsole support

16. By camicri on 2015-01-10

* cubeget.sln:
* Axel.cs:
* Aria.cs: **Modified**
Removed System.Windows.Forms

* Cube.csproj: **Modified**
Removed System.Windows.Forms

15. By camicri on 2015-01-10

* gui.stetic:
* CubeProcess.cs:
* RepackageDialog.cs:
* CubeSInformation.cs:
* CubeAPTInstaller.cs:
* CubeSystemUpdater.cs:
* CubeDPKGInstaller.cs:
* CubeProjectManager.cs:
* CubeAddAptRepository.cs:
* cubeget.PreferencesDialog.cs:
* PROC_Initialize.cs: **Modified**
Committed initial changes.

* Main.cs:

14. By camicri on 2014-05-04

Cube 1.0.9 Update

13. By camicri on 2014-04-01

Cube 1.0.9 Update

12. By camicri on 2014-03-27

Update 1.0.9

11. By camicri on 2014-03-14

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