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dc00f5a... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

debian/changelog: Update version

8f7a52e... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/install: move remaining things to /usr

3eb8d54... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/control: fix lintian priority-extra-is-replaced-by-priority-optional

df4d35b... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/control: add iproute2 build depdency (test only)

49af44b... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/rules: stop using the old systemd dh sequence

Matching our switch to dh_installsystemd we need to stop calling
for the older systemd-sequence in dh.

This fixes:
error: The systemd-sequence is no longer provided in compat >= 11,
please rely on dh_installsystemd instead

1748d96... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/control: drop old unneeded X-Python3-Version statement

09d440c... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/rules, d/install: install services once

Since "7d793bf debian: Remove upstart config" --no-restart-on-upgrade
behavior was lost. Add it back with the new name --no-stop-on-upgrade.
Furthermore the install was a mix of the upstream putting files
under /lib and then debian/install putting it under /usr/lib leading
to file-in-root-and-usr warnings.
Furthermore dh_systemd_enable and the formerly dropped dh_installinit
have been consumed into dh_installsystemd for systemd units.
Finally dh_installsystemd will drop the executable bit which is
wrong in the upstream archive and triggers executable-not-elf-or-script.
So overall to hopefully do it right we do:
- ephemeral-disk-warning.service gets installed by d/install
- walinuxagent.service gets installed badly by upstream and removed in
- both services are then picked up and configured by dh_installsystemd

58f3c76... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/control, d/compat: switch to compat level 13

11d4a04... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

d/manpages: add man pages.

abfdefa... by Calvin Mwadime Makokha

debian/patches: Update the cgroup handling to include v2

WALA only supported cgroup v1 systems. This causes failures when running some
commands on cgroup v2 systems. Newer ubuntu versions are support cgroup v2 by