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Lucas Kanashiro (lucaskanashiro) wrote :

Hi Calvin,

Thanks for the MPs updating walinuxagent. You may know that to update a package you need to follow the SRU process:

And we need to have a LP bug associated to the update, so please start by filing a bug against the walinuxagent package. To do that, you need to also check its SRU exception:

There you will find info on the procedure to update walinuxagent to a new version (in this case to version in a stable release. And before sponsoring any of your changes I want to make sure you performed all the steps described in the wiki page above, which includes (copy&paste from there):

Pre-SRU Test Cases

These are the test cases that all walinuxagent are subjected to before even getting to SRU:

1.) Launch instance on Azure
2.) Upgrade walinuxagent (usually from PPA)
3.) Confirm that "waagent" is running, check /var/log/waagent.log for errors
4.) Reboot, repeat step 3

SRU Test Cases

These are automated tests:

1.) Build new cloud image with -proposed package
2.) Boot instance
3.) Confirm that instance provisioned
4.) Run standard tests and regression tests
5.) Repeat from step 2 for all other Azure VM Sizes.

Once you prove you did the above with your proposed package and everything worked as expected, we can move on with the upload.

What I mentioned above is true to all your MPs against supported releases (mantic, jammy, focal, and bionic), I am not copying and pasting everything but bear in mind you need the same thing for all of them.

If you have any question, do no hesitate to ask here, or maybe use #ubuntu-devel IRC channel on

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