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98f025f... by Cas

Bump minimum libtorrent version

Deluge 2.1 requires libtorrent >= 1.2

e23772b... by Cas

Remove ubuntu package detail from Deluge version

The version specified for the ubuntu package was not split correctly so
the build timestamp was leaking into the Deluge version. e.g.

deluge -v

Fixed by splitting on the first - instead of +

dd333d6... by Cas

Revert plugins namespace changes

The previous changes no longer apply since changing Deluge plugins to
no longer use namespaces.

66edef9... by Cas

Restore copying over

Seemily worked fine on my system but when tested on Cosmic with
setuptools < 40.6, issues arose.

92a7549... by Cas

Add missing nspkg.pth file to install

This is the correct fix for the issue with plugins not loading due to
namespace issues.

Reference commit: ebbd4f5c22c

ebbd4f5... by Cas

Fix ModuleNotFoundError due to missing namespace files

Copy over the namespace since setuptools is skipping
installing them.

a61cee0... by Cas

Revert "Revert to Python2"

The Python 3 libtorrent issues on Cosmic have been fixed in the PPA
so use Python 3 once again.

This reverts commit 81743bcb9d340c3141f578c90eab43e617abe5d5.

1bfa888... by Cas

Fix new_release_check.patch

81743bc... by Cas

Revert to Python2

81f7a51... by Cas

Update dependencies for Python3 and GTK3