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51. By Matthieu Baerts on 2014-06-11

* New 'bug-fix' version to fix 2 bugs (LP: #1329090)
* debian/patches/bzr1719_unblacklist_intel_hd4000.patch: fixed typo:
  the blacklist was not fully removed.
* debian/patches/bzr1750_get_preferred_size_has_changed_in_gtk3.10.patch:
  - Menus: use the natural size to retrieve the height of a menu, because
    gtk_widget_get_preferred_size() function has changed in GTK3.10.
    (All GTK menus were no longer at the right position)

50. By Matthieu Baerts on 2014-04-07

* debian/control:
  - gnome-session is no longer by default on Ubuntu and we need it for
    the Cairo-Dock session
  - Added support of Mate and Cinnamon

49. By Matthieu Baerts on 2014-04-06

* Revert back to the 3.3.2 version: (LP: #1302246)
  Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, we have to revert back to the
  latest stable version. Sorry for that but feel free to help us ;-)
* debian/patches: cherry-pick patches from upstream BZR repo, all 'bug-fix'
  and changes that were already in the 3.3.99.beta1 version except all
  changes linked to the new style, the menu and the configuration.
  - bzr1670_Default_themes_Disable_icon-effects.patch: Default themes:
    disable icon-effects: maybe a bit 'too much' for the current trend
  - bzr1684_Utils_Added_get_default_terminal.patch: Utils: Added:
    'get_default_terminal()' to get the default terminal.
  - bzr1708-1709_Utils_Cmd_with_right_terminal_and_theme_packager_support_
    and_exception_for_konsole.patch: Utils: Cmd with right terminal: added
    an exception for 'konsole'. Theme: Pkg: Cmd: used simple quotes instead
    of double quotes in the second cmd
  - bzr1714_change_default_img_dir_to_Images_dir_in_home.patch: GUI: widget:
    file chooser: images: default directory is now ~/Images
  - bzr1715-1716_File_Mgr_added_the_possibility_to_monitor_a_process.patch:
    File Mgr: added the possibility to monitor a process
  - bzr1719_unblacklist_intel_hd4000.patch: GLX: blacklist Intel HD4000:
    this bug is now fixed when using Mesa 10.1
  - bzr1720_gsettings_can_have_quotes.patch: style: handle the case where
    font_name in gsettings has quotes
* debian/patches/session_desktopname_Unity.patch: Switch DesktopName to
  Unity to also take advantage of patches added in some GNOME apps and
  specially made for Unity to avoid some behaviour designed only for
  Gnome-Shell (e.g. Nautilus, indicators, etc.).
* debian/control: bumped Plugins versions

48. By Matthieu Baerts on 2014-02-19

bumped plug-ins versions (+ fixed typo)

47. By Matthieu Baerts on 2014-02-19

* New upstream snapshot.
* Short Upstream ChangeLog:
  - Style: unified the style for all objects.
  - Menu: added the possibility to customise them
  - Config: updated some sections linked to the style
  - API:
    - Updated functions about the style
    - Added new features about PID monitoring
  - Some bugs have been fixed, other tweaks
* debian/control:
  - bumped plug-ins versions
  - bumped Standard Version (no change needed)

46. By Matthieu Baerts on 2013-12-10

No change: Rebuild for the new version of GTK

45. By Matthieu Baerts on 2013-11-10

* New upstream release. (bug-fix version)
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog (3.3.1 -> 3.3.2)
  - Class: implemented a workaround for Chromium and Google Chrome web apps
  - Docks: fixed 2 bugs when reloading a dock: when changing the
    visibility from 'keep hidden' to 'hide when overlapping a window'
    and when changing the offset from the screen edges
  - Launching animation: don't stop it when the dock hides itself
  - Menus: correctly setup the menu during its init
  - Taskbar:
    - Fixed a regression when the application changes its class
    - Removed 'opening animation' option: now in plugins (Animated-Icons
      and Icon-effect)
  - Translations: imported translations from Launchpad
* debian/control:
  - bumped plug-ins versions
  - bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no change needed)

44. By Matthieu Baerts on 2013-10-08

* New upstream release. (bug-fix version)
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog (3.3.0 -> 3.3.1)
  - GLX backend: with GTK2, use the GDK default display for all glx
    functions (without that, the dock is fully transparent)
  - Docks: the input shape was incorrectly set at startup
  - Menu: show the menu-items before popping the menu up, so that they
    are realized (as before)
  - Launchers: Updated our .desktop file with the latest translations
* debian/control: bumped plug-ins versions

43. By Matthieu Baerts on 2013-10-04

* New upstream release.
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog (beta 2 -> release)
  - Desklets: when something is dropped onto a desklet, get the data and
    not only the text
  - Dialogs: fixed a bug that made the background of the widgets inside
    the dialog visible
  - Menus: split menus functions into separated files to prepare future
    menus and imported gtkimagemenuitem.c but only used with GTK 3.10
    Note: no changes for Saucy (with GTK 3.8)
  - src: remove some g_print's
  - po: imported translations from Launchpad
* A few bugs have been fixed:
  - Invalid fastbin entry LP: #1212981
  - Cairo-Dock Session is broken with Gnome-Session 3.8 LP: #1193598
  - Dock doesn't hide when a Downloading windows overlaps LP: #1094825
  - Thumbnails of windows not showing when minimized LP: #1051174
  - Icon label persists after hover away LP: #1108611
  - Insecure RPATH in libgldi.so LP: #1170229
  - Dock becames visible although it should be hidden LP: #1218360
* debian/control: bumped plug-ins versions

42. By Matthieu Baerts on 2013-09-19

* New upstream snapshot.
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog (rev 1613 -> 1629)
  - Dock: Fixed a possible crash when removing an Icon
  - Cinnamon integration: fixed the 'present_class' method
  - Core: a bit of code cleaning
  - ChangeLog: updated the message
  - Icon: launch command: fixed typo
  - Dock visibility: set the input shape fully transparent when the dock
    is hidden
  - Dock visibility: fixed a regression where the dock didn't re-appear
  - cairo-dock.c: connect to SIGHUP to properly quit when its controlling
    terminal is closed
  - po: updated translations
  - X manager: notify of the 'windows stack order changed' when needed
  - Menu: menu-item with buttons inside: connect to the 'draw' event only
    for the given menu-item
  - Class manager: fixed a crash + fixed the auto-stop of the startup
* debian/control: bumped plugins version

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