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Recent revisions

287. By Goffredo Baroncelli

Update the documentation about the cache behaviour.

286. By Goffredo Baroncelli

Skip subversion repository format during the test.

285. By Goffredo Baroncelli

Added the pathrevid parameter to the directory entry of the inventory page.

284. By Goffredo Baroncelli

removed a print statement

283. By Goffredo Baroncelli

Add cache support
- add webserve-mkcache command
- add caching support for the index

282. By Goffredo Baroncelli

Correct the header of the webserveexception file

281. By Goffredo Baroncelli

Add revid in the rss header
Correct the wrong link the rss message

280. By Goffredo Baroncelli

Add test "config section not found"
Replace the old style exception with a specific WebServe exception.

279. By Goffredo Baroncelli

- Add test test_key_not_found for the templater

278. By Goffredo Baroncelli

- move the exception classes in a separeted file (webserveexception)
- update the test suit about the binary file (content/annotate)
- the template code raise an exception if the template is not found

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