Created by Vincent Ladeuil on 2010-03-24 and last modified on 2012-12-05
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70. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2012-12-05

Fix test failures on precise with bzr-2.6.

69. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2011-01-27

Relax test or it fails if the plugin is used via a symlink in .bazaar/plugins.

68. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2010-01-14

Upgrade to bzr-2.1.

* tests/test_test_server.py:
(TestTestServer.test_server_start_stop): Renamed to match the new
method names.

* test_server.py:
(LocalTestServer.start_server, LocalHTTPTestServer.start_server,
Muddleftpd.start_server): Renamed from setUp to comply with bzr
(LocalHTTPTestServer.stop_server, Muddleftpd.stop_server): Renamed
from tearDown to comply with bzr policy.

* commands.py:
(cmd_lts_start.run): Don't try to start a server that is not

67. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2009-11-03

Fix the doc a bit.

66. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2009-03-13

Catchup with bzr.dev.

* tests/test_test_server.py:
(load_tests): Catch up with bzr.dev new test parametrization

* tests/test_server.py:
(load_tests): Catch up with bzr.dev new test parametrization

* tests/test_config.py:
(load_tests): Catch up with bzr.dev new test parametrization

* test_server.py:
(get_test_permutations): Use ImportError not DependencyNotPresent.

65. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2009-02-26

Test suite passing for python-2.5 and 2.6.

* bin/pyftpdlib:
(BZRConformingFTPHandler): Tweak the server to comply with bzr

64. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2009-02-26

Fix typo.

* config.py:
(Config.__init__): Oops, use self.name, not name.

63. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2009-02-26

Add pyftpdlib support, not all bzr tests passing.

* tests/test_utils.py:
(full_scenarios): Add scenario for pyftpdlib.

* test_server.py:
(PyftpdlibFeature): New class.
(Muddleftpd.tearDown): Oops, forgot to delete the symlink.
(Pyftpdlib): Test server serving '/' for anonymous ftp.

* server.py:
(Server._start_by_spawning): Factored out from Vsftpd._start.
(Vsftpd._start): Simplified.
(Pyftpdlib): Spawn a pyftpdlib FTP server.

* configs/pyftpdlib.conf:
Rough configuration options.

* config.py:
(Pyftpdlib): New class.

* bin/pyftpdlib:
Wrapper to start a pyftpdlib FTP server.

62. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2009-02-25

Tweak required dirs definitions.

* config.py:
(Config.__init__): All 'work' sub-directories are define in the
same way. Use a tuple instead of a dict so that daughter classes
can add required dires more easily and force the name.

61. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2009-02-25


* config.py:
(base_dir): Deleted, not used anymore.

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