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Rex Tsai (chihchun) wrote :

Feedback and summing-up of irc discussion

Ubuntu users are suggested to use [countrycode], but most users will select a random mirror server from the software center config (software-properties) or intstaller. It ends up the user will not have in /etc/apt/sources.list as reference.

It would make more sense that user can pick a mirror server during the new `click root` setup
1. A dialogue for user to pick which mirror to use. [countrycode].[ports|archive]
2. The dialogue should suggest the default or preferred mirror server for the user. software-properties use user's locale to guess where is the most close mirror site.

Please note only [countrycode].[ports|archive] are guarantee up-to-date, the other mirror can delay for few weeks. So we only use [countrycode].[ports|archive] for phone developer.

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