Created by Jan Hudec on 2005-12-31 and last modified on 2005-12-31
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Goal of this branch is to implement Propery base class and relevant interfaces in trees to read, write, apply and merge versioned properties.
Only properties that are sets of strings (that apply to whole tree) or sets of entry-id:value pairs will be supported, at least for the time being. Each property will get it's own weave/knit so the standard merge algorithms can be utilized.
Note: the branch is now in knit format and uses repository in parent dir.

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bzr branch lp:~bulb/bzr/versioned-properties

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Recent revisions

1599. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-14

Added some tests for basic behaviour of properties.

1598. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-11

Removed calls to deprecated interfaces from bzrlib that were shown by the
test suite. There are many calls by the test-suite left for conversion.

1597. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-09

Modified the serializer to use a bit simpler xml structure for proplists

1596. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-09

/First stage complete/ - exexutability ported to properties

All tests pass now. In another words, executability is now correctly ported
to properties as far as test-suite checks it.

1595. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-09

test_merge_core now passes

1594. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-09

Made some more tests pass, though I am not really confident with the
correctness of the fixes.

1593. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-09

test_inv tests now succeed. There are still failing tests further down the

1592. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-08

Updated from mainline as of bzr 0.8.

1591. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-08

Fixed some more errors:
- Property names are now strictly unicode
- Fixed property diffs, so merging now works
- Lot of muttering about property creation, application and merger.

1590. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-02

Fix one more failing test.

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