Created by Jan Hudec on 2005-12-31 and last modified on 2005-12-31
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This branch contains speedup to WorkingTree.is_ignored by compiling all the globs into one large regexp, and a new glob to regexp convertor. The new convertor aims to adher closely to shell glob semantics.

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Recent revisions

1565. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-17

Sync-tree with the partial optimization-only branch to simplify further merges.

1564. By Jan Hudec on 2006-05-17

Updated from bzr.dev and reverted changes to config.
The (unfinished) changes to config broke it's tests, so were reverted.

1563. By Jan Hudec on 2006-02-10

Old semantics for .bzrignore!

.bzrignore was switched to the old (FNMATCH) semantics, for backward
compatibility reasons.

1562. By Jan Hudec on 2006-02-06

Made the configuration use the new glob engine.

 + fixed a bug in Replacer initialization.

1561. By Jan Hudec on 2006-02-05

Added counting non-glob chars and made ** and *** at the end special too.

1560. By Jan Hudec on 2006-02-05

Added glob expansion code.

 * New function: bzrlib.glob.expand_glob, a drop-in replacement for standard
   library glob.glob, which uses the same glob engine as the rest of bzr.
 * Tests for that function.
 * Replaced glob.glob with the new function in add.
 + A renamed TestCase.AssertSubset to TestCase.assertSubset so it looks like
   the rest of asserts.

1559. By Jan Hudec on 2006-02-05

Synced with mainline up to revno 1528.

1558. By Jan Hudec on 2006-01-29

Tests for old-style globs and a small fix.

* Split test/test_ignore.py to test/test_glob.py and test/test_ignore.py
* Added tests for fnmatch-style globs
* Made fnmatch-style globs compatible with anchor_glob using a small hack
  -- fnamtch-style glob starting with ***/ is made to match against last
  component only by prepending it with '(?:.*/)?(?!.*/)'.

1557. By Jan Hudec on 2006-01-29

Made path separator and glob style independent in bzrlib.glob.

The actual translators, SHELL and FNMATCH, now take a 'preprocessor', POSIX
or NATIVE. That is because path separator and glob style are mostly
orthogonal. They are not fully orthogonal in that the translator may choose
not to use the preprocessor -- and the SHELL preprocessor does so for
patterns staring with RE:.

1556. By Jan Hudec on 2006-01-27

Make it possible to use alternate glob convertors.

bzrlib.glob.translate, and all functions calling it, got another argument,
style, which is the actual convertor to use. There are three convertors
defined - POSIX, NATIVE and FNMATCH. Only POSIX is tested though.

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