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8f2387d... by Bryce Harrington

changelog cleanup

7f105b8... by Bryce Harrington


45ed56b... by Bryce Harrington


8cda4da... by Bryce Harrington


1a14a89... by Bryce Harrington

  * Dropped:
    - d/rules: Enable --with-compat build option for all nginx package
      flavors (LP #1797897)

c4d65f5... by Bryce Harrington

  * Dropped:
    - d/control: Add dependency from nginx-full on `iproute2` as the
      postinst scripts now use `ss` to determine if Port 80 is open
      or not.
      [Taken by Debian in 1.18.0-2]

820981c... by Bryce Harrington

  * Dropped:
    - d/nginx-full.postinst: Add checks for whether
      port 80 is in use or not to determine whether or not to attempt
      starting of the NGINX service during install/upgrade.

0328462... by Bryce Harrington

  * Dropped:
    - d/conf/sites-available/default: Update PHP path for PHP 7.4.
      [added in 1.17.9-0ubuntu3 taken by Debian in 1.18.0-2]

60d258b... by Bryce Harrington

  * Dropped:
    - Add GeoIP2 third party module to nginx-full and nginx-extras
      (LP #1825895). The following is the files list for this:
      + d/{control,rules}: Add libnginx-mod-http-geoip2 and corresponding
        build rules.
      + d/modules/http-geoip2{,/*}: Add geoip2 module from third party git.
      + d/copyright: Add relevant copyright lines for GeoIP2 module.

c0c6f61... by Bryce Harrington

  * Dropped:
    - debian/tests/control: add nginx-core test.