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1db915d... by Bryce Harrington

  * Dropped:
    - OOB read in mod_lua via crafted request body
      + d/p/CVE-2022-22719.patch: error out if lua_read_body() or
        lua_write_body() fail in modules/lua/lua_request.c.
      [Fixed in 2.4.53 upstream]
    - HTTP Request Smuggling via error discarding the
      request body
      + d/p/CVE-2022-22720.patch: simpler connection close logic
        if discarding the request body fails in modules/http/http_filters.c,
      [Fixed in 2.4.53 upstream]
    - overflow via large LimitXMLRequestBody
      + d/p/CVE-2022-22721.patch: make sure and check that
        LimitXMLRequestBody fits in system memory in server/core.c,
        server/util.c, server/util_xml.c.
      [Fixed in 2.4.53 upstream]
    - out-of-bounds write in mod_sed
      + d/p/CVE-2022-23943-1.patch: use size_t to allow for larger
        buffer sizes and unsigned arithmetics in modules/filters/libsed.h,
        modules/filters/mod_sed.c, modules/filters/sed1.c.
      + d/p/CVE-2022-23943-2.patch: improve the logic flow in
      [Fixed in 2.4.53 upstream]

ee14fcd... by Bryce Harrington

    - d/apache2.postrm: Include md5 sum for updated index.html

998d8b8... by Bryce Harrington

    - d/index.html, d/icons/ubuntu-logo.png: Refresh page design and
      new logo
      (LP: 1966004)

7315771... by Bryce Harrington

    - d/index.html, d/icons/ubuntu-logo.png, d/apache2.postrm,
      d/s/include-binaries: replace Debian with Ubuntu on default
      page and add Ubuntu icon file.
      (LP 1288690)

53018d3... by Bryce Harrington

    - debian/apache2.py, debian/apache2-bin.install: Add apport hook.
      (LP 609177)

5535030... by Bryce Harrington

    - debian/{control, apache2.install, apache2-utils.ufw.profile,
      apache2.dirs}: Add ufw profiles.
      (LP 261198)

4f279c2... by Yadd <email address hidden>

2.4.53-2 (patches unapplied)

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