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Utkarsh Gupta (utkarsh) wrote :

* Changelog:
  - [✓] old/ubuntu and the split tag match as expected
  - [✓] changelog entry correct version and targeted codename
  - [✓] changelog entries correct

Although I'd personally prefer to squash the last commit with the 3rd last one, that is, "changelog reformatting for release" with "reconstruct-changelog". This is also noted in the in the maintainer's handbook. That said, it's really trivial so I'll let you decide if you want to do that or not.

  - [✓] update-maintainer has been run

* Old Delta:
  - [✓] dropped changes are ok to be dropped
  - [?] nothing else to drop
  - [?] changes forwarded upstream/debian (if appropriate)

For the last two points here, the remaining delta isn't forwarded but you have mentioned that all of it is Ubuntu-specific, so I believe ya. And indeed, apport stuff and f4b8b766a27bc06df1f2149738c0022b53d33735 are indeed Ubuntu-specific. I haven't checked the rest but I assume you already did and so it's not worth forwarding!

* Build/Test:
  - [✓] build is ok
  - [✓] verified PPA package installs/uninstalls
  - [✓] autopkgtest against the PPA package passes
  - [-] sanity checks test fine

Except for 1 trivial comment about the d/ch entry, things look good. +1. Thank you! \o/

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