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6c02046... by Bryce Harrington

trigger: Provide urls to the triggerable actions, with the ppa

The "autopkgtest_url" is renamed to "history_url" to distinguish it from
the actual url used to trigger the test run, which will be called the

58dce1c... by Bryce Harrington

ppa: Make string version of a ppa describe the target

The current string representation of a ppa is useful only for showing a
detailed view of the PPA, and is only used in one place.

Much more frequently we need to refer to the PPA by a string that is
essentially the address without the 'ppa:' prefix. We'll use this as
the string format for a PPA instead.

8ec7d86... by Bryce Harrington

setup: Include testing in described scope

c23e740... by Bryce Harrington

snap: Fix indentation

74cdcbb... by Bryce Harrington

RELEASING: Update steps in the package release process

ab99b49... by Bryce Harrington

Releasing 0.2.1

1fab5ef... by Bryce Harrington

Makefile: Clean .eggs/ too

9844373... by Bryce Harrington

test_result: Fix invalid local path to data dir

ce083bd... by Bryce Harrington

d/control: Add missing build-dependencies

aa1dbe2... by Bryce Harrington

tests: Fix debuild failure due to mislocated script

Running debuild failed with dh_python because pybuild sets up the
testing environment with the Python modules, but not the actual
ppa script. Then, when pybuild runs the testsuite, test_scripts_ppa.py
is unable to locate the ppa script at the expected location and thus

This fix adds an ugly workaround that looks for the script in the main
build/ directory instead of the .pybuild/ directory. A better solution
would be to figure out how to get the script copied into .pybuild/ too,
however we plan to move away from pybuild to a more modern build system,
so not worth the effort of developing a less brittle fix for now.