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c1451af... by Bryce Harrington

Fix dep8 checks

This gets `make check` to pass, which enables `make coverage` to

60 passed, 9 xfailed, 2 xpassed in 0.27 seconds

python3-coverage report
Name Stmts Miss Cover
ppa/__init__.py 0 0 100%
ppa/_version.py 2 0 100%
ppa/constants.py 7 0 100%
ppa/debug.py 13 7 46%
ppa/io.py 12 4 67%
ppa/job.py 101 45 55%
ppa/lp.py 51 1 98%
ppa/ppa.py 193 149 23%
ppa/ppa_group.py 55 14 75%
ppa/processes.py 41 41 0%
ppa/result.py 117 64 45%
ppa/subtest.py 42 16 62%
ppa/text.py 64 51 20%
ppa/trigger.py 25 4 84%
TOTAL 723 396 45%

d255166... by Bryce Harrington

Add Makefile

Incorporated from Athos' lppa (https://github.com/athos-ribeiro/lppa),
but with some functionality dropped to simplify what will be used (and
test) in the near term. This also expands the version insertion support
to cover more places where version numbers are specified.

74d8f2a... by Bryce Harrington

Add tox configuration for lint/flake checking

d0efa95... by Bryce Harrington

Document requirements

51411b1... by Bryce Harrington

Document the release process

3161070... by Bryce Harrington

Modernize the packaging

2aacf92... by Bryce Harrington

README: Format markdown for pypi rendering

a95d05b... by Bryce Harrington

Fix capitalization/terminology for PPAs vs. Ppa vs. ppa

We're unfortunately using the same three letters to refer to a variety
of different technical items. A 'PPA', or "Personal Package Archive",
is the Launchpad-based service providing packages. 'ppa' is the name of
the objects provided by Launchpad's REST service for interacting with
PPAs. 'Ppa' is a wrapper class provided by this project to interact
with the ppa REST API that instantiates 'Ppa objects' that are usually
assigned to a variable named 'ppa'. The Ppa class is provided by the
'ppa' Python module which exists inside the 'ppa' module namespace.
Finally, the whole apparatus is accessed using a command line
interface (CLI) tool provided by a Python script named 'ppa'.

So... it's ppa's all the way down.

At least let's get the capitalizations correct for PPA and Ppa and
avoid *that* confusion.

b01a8aa... by Bryce Harrington

Define some additional Launchpad data types

9eb1873... by Bryce Harrington

ppa: Improve handling of missing leading ppa:

Gracefully handle the simple case of user omitting the leading ppa: in
the ppa argument, if there is at least one / in it. E.g. make this

     $ ppa wait paelzer/lp-1975764-dpdk-mre-sept-2022

Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ppa-dev-tools/+bug/1989079