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06e6152... by Bryce Harrington

Fix incorrect processing of --packages as well

Similar to the incorrect processing of --releases as a release, the
--packages parameter suffers the same logic error. However, in this
case it doesn't show up in the triggers listing since it is used like

     if packages and (pkg not in packages):

So, whether packages is a comma separated string or a list, pkg will be
found correctly. However, in order to (eventually) fix LP: 2025483 it
needs to be converted to a list.

08d66bf... by Bryce Harrington

Add type checking for --architectures as well

Perform similar assertion as done with --releases to ensure resultant
value is a list.

31f26c9... by Bryce Harrington

Fix incorrect processing of --releases

The value from the --releases parameter is specified as comma-delimited,
so if provided it will need to be unpacked and retyped as a list. With
the current behavior, specifying --releases causes no results to be
shown, because 'jammy' is interpreted as ['j', 'a', 'm', 'm', 'y']
rather than as ['jammy'].

Reported by Andreas as found with this command line:

  $ ppa tests -r jammy ppa:ahasenack/openssh-ccache-testing

6c63268... by Bryce Harrington

tests: Implement a few basic presentational tests for Ppa class

6359649... by Bryce Harrington

ppa: Split trigger display separately from trigger construction

Gather all the triggers into a source_pub_triggers data structure, then
separately process the structure with the logic for displaying them.

76ad6f0... by Bryce Harrington

result: Refactor results retrieval from command_tests to ppa module

Now that display of results has been refactored into show_results(), the
code to retrieve the results can move into the ppa module.

This implements get_autopkgtest_results() and corresponding test.

7c3689a... by Bryce Harrington

result: Use more recent example ppa

Testing against real PPAs is very handy to do from a smoketest, but
unfortunately they have a tendancy to bitrot... eventually this should
be made to work more synthetically (maybe select a PPA randomly??) but
for now we just kick the can down the road...

f7d9f2a... by Bryce Harrington

tests: Improve Results constructor instantiation checks

c56a856... by Bryce Harrington

result: Support newer autopkgtest log formats

Since mantic, autopkgtest logs are prepended with a timestamp, which
confuses the parser resulting in the timestamp displayed instead of the
subtest description. This fixes the issue by detecting lines beginning
with three or more numerical digits and ignoring the first word in the
line for extracting subtests.

Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ppa-dev-tools/+bug/2025484

7bef7a0... by Bryce Harrington

Cleanup unneeded rdepends variable