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22e2642... by Bryce Harrington

source_package: Add module for the SourcePackage class

This class provides access to the Apt information about source packages,
including the binaries they provide, build requirements, etc.

4d4a83e... by Bryce Harrington

binary-package: Cleanup

5af05a5... by Taihsiang Ho

INSTALL: remove legacy option in the document

The -u option of add-apt-repository is now a legacy option, and not
technically needed anymore. It'd be better documentation to spell things
out, and at least less confusing.

dc0c7bf... by Bryce Harrington

.pylintrc: Cleanup, modeled after ustriage

4bb2310... by Bryce Harrington

Use unpack_to_dict() for splitting --architecture values

This is a bit overkill for handling architecture strings, but since
unpack_to_dict() is intended to be used for parsing all handling of
comma-separated values in the CLI, it will be most consistent if it's
used here as well.

772991f... by Bryce Harrington

Fix invalid split of architectures for unittests

For regular use, architectures were being split into a list by the
create_config() routine. However, in the unittests we're skipping that
functionality and passing config directly, so the architecture string
isn't split, thus breaking the test cases.

Since it was already intended to move the architecture splitting
behavior out of create_config() to command-specific parsing, do that now
for all commands (create, set, and tests) that support an architecture

44043ff... by Bryce Harrington

Fix flake/lint issues

6a2e4dd... by Bryce Harrington

helpers: Refactor setProcessors() for brevity

7ef668c... by Bryce Harrington

ppa: Use publish variable

The code already extracts 'publish' from the config as a variable, so
use it here too.

8a23071... by Bryce Harrington

create/set: Check for undefined architecture arguments

If no architectures were specified, bail out early to avoid hitting an

There isn't a clear use case for why someone might want a PPA configured
with no architectures (even if Launchpad allows it) so treat it as an
ignorable degenerate case.

For now, this is not treated as a fatal error (i.e. the overall exit
code remains 0), however the tool will not POST to Launchpad in this
case, so the PPA will remain configured with the same architectures it
had before.