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cf1fbe6... by Bryce Harrington

suite: Add dependent_packages() API

This routine performs the lookup of a given source package against the
collected Apt info, to determine a list of packages worth running
autopkgtests against. This includes both the source package's build
dependencies and other source packages that depend on it.

Currently, this does not consider recursive dependencies. I.e. if a
build-depends on b, and b build-depends on c, this routine will return
only 'b' when asked about 'a'.

It also is currently unable to handle source packages with undefined or
empty build dependency lists.

52930c8... by Bryce Harrington

suite: Add lookup tables for rdepends and provides

This establishes a pair of lookup tables for finding the source
package(s) for a given binary either by what provides the binary or what
requires it. These two tables together form a data collection mapping
the relationship between a given source package and other source
packages that depend on it, derived from the Build-Depends and Binary
fields of the Apt record.

100b629... by Bryce Harrington

Fix lint and flake issues

a7b937e... by Bryce Harrington

suite: Incorporate SourcePackage and BinaryPackage

Switch the .sources and .binaries member functions to provide actual
SourcePackage and BinaryPackage class objects in their returns, and
update test cases accordingly.

fd93045... by Bryce Harrington

binary_package: Fix typo in constructor

085a9e7... by Bryce Harrington

source_package: Fix typo in repr

22e2642... by Bryce Harrington

source_package: Add module for the SourcePackage class

This class provides access to the Apt information about source packages,
including the binaries they provide, build requirements, etc.

4d4a83e... by Bryce Harrington

binary-package: Cleanup

5af05a5... by Taihsiang Ho

INSTALL: remove legacy option in the document

The -u option of add-apt-repository is now a legacy option, and not
technically needed anymore. It'd be better documentation to spell things
out, and at least less confusing.

dc0c7bf... by Bryce Harrington

.pylintrc: Cleanup, modeled after ustriage