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f414712... by Bryce Harrington

Add functionality to filter test results by package

Specifying the --package command line option has filtered the list of
triggers for a PPA, but previously it did not filter the test results.
For PPAs involving a variety of packages this can produce an excessive

This commit expands support for --package to apply not only to results
as well, but also the running and waiting lists.

Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ppa-dev-tools/+bug/2025483

8716c20... by Bryce Harrington

io: Quell error messages for non-existing results and jobs

Suppress the "Could not retrieve data..." error messages printed by `ppa
tests`. To locate results, the command is scanning expected URLs, and
their absence simply means they're not available yet.

Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ppa-dev-tools/+bug/2043595

64c44ca... by Bryce Harrington

tests: Don't use local paths in test cases

e83c53f... by Bryce Harrington

snap: Expand list of architectures to build

c894309... by Bryce Harrington

trigger: Fix omission of all-proposed URLS when -L specified

The all-proposed links should always be displayed but in one particular
combination of options it'll skip printing them, due to a coding error.

68d3b0b... by Bryce Harrington

tests: Extend test_show_triggers() with more detailed cases

28f36d1... by Bryce Harrington

tests: Improve test cases for identifying triggers from results logs

Parametrize test_triggers() with a second results log, for some slight

Adds missing test_get_triggers() that provides the triggers as
constructed Trigger objects.

2344ced... by Bryce Harrington

tests: Implement tests for Results status and status_icon

d322d1a... by Bryce Harrington

ppa: Locally define EX_NOTFOUND which is not present on all *nix

Added in commit 7efb2333, os.EX_NOTFOUND is mentioned in the Python
documentation but is not actually available in the Modules/posixmodule.c
included on Linux and OS X. (https://bugs.python.org/issue9933)

Instead, provide a local definition of it, as is already done for

Ref. https://gist.github.com/orgkd/a272fee96e381d128c107788b5cbd502

3917dcf... by Mitchell Dzurick

ppa: add --credentials to wait help (LP: #2051235)

This is a small change to add --credentials to the help section after
using ppa create.

Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ppa-dev-tools/+bug/2051235