Code review comment for lp:~brunonova/software-properties/lp1381050

Bruno Nova (brunonova) wrote :

I completely forgot about these bugs!

I cloned/branched lp:software-properties and tested it, and the fix seems to be working correctly.
My test: I killed the running software-properties-dbus process then started, as root, the fixed one from the cloned branch. Then I ran software-properties-gtk and added/removed the VLC key from my "~/TransferĂȘncias" folder, and it worked.
I also tested lp:ubuntu/software-properties successfully.
So, either you fixed the issue I mentioned, or I was wrong. :)

Also, bug #1383289 is fixed, so could you mark it as fixed (it wasn't marked automatically).
And we should backport these fixes to Utopic and Trusty.

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