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Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

>> Finally, I really don't understand why this change is a big deal.

Its not a big deal :- I'm still getting a handle on a couple of things.

One of them is how to be clear what hat I'm when I say something; in
this conversation its a bit unclear - sorry. I wasn't trying to swing
the TA bat at this particular mp - rather I trying to really
understand the tradeoffs we're making, and why - and expressing my
personal opinions freely as I learn.

The other thing *is* architectural, which added to the confusion i
generated with the first thing : I'm still refining my understanding /
story around what bits of our UI are for machines, and what aren't :
the email interfaces are kindof-both and as such there are tensions
around making it really excellent. (Contrast with the web UI - humans
only, and the rest UI - machines only).


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