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Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

I'm not clear why this makes sense.

 - users can subscribe to the bugs list [same amount of mail]
 - there are uses to being notified of every bug, same as things like
gmane are subscribed to lists
 - this makes lp less flexible not more.

I suspect you're doing a bandaid to the real issues:
 - subscriber lists take up a lot of space and are rarely important
 - we don't prune deactivated accounts effectively
 - the implications of structural subscription are not clear to users

Could you please enlarge on why the approach you've put forward makes
sense long term? If we do need a bandaid, I'm positive doing that, but
I get the impression you don't consider this a bandaid, and given the
downsides: more interrupts from valid subscribers, more code to handle
special-only-in-scale problems, more ui complexity that is hard to
explain, I'd really prefer to see a path to a long term unified fix!


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