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Proposed by Stephen M. Webb on 2014-08-18
Status: Rejected
Rejected by: Stephen M. Webb on 2014-08-19
Proposed branch: lp:~bregma/unity8/lp-1350878
Merge into: lp:unity8
Diff against target: 13 lines (+3/-0)
1 file modified
tests/mocks/LightDM/demo/GreeterPrivate.cpp (+3/-0)
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Michael Terry 2014-08-18 Disapprove on 2014-08-19
PS Jenkins bot (community) continuous-integration Approve on 2014-08-18
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Commit message

Avoid multiple concurrent authentications.

Description of the change

Hacks around the critical blocker preventing Unity 8 from running on the desktop.

The existing code starts authentication on the user twice. the second authentication session destroys the context of the first, leaves its future dangling, and makes non-threadsafe calls into non-reentrant code.

This fix is quick and dirty but gets the desktop back up and running while someone who understands the overall flow better can dream up a proper solution on a more leisurely schedule while not blocking other development.

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lp:~bregma/unity8/lp-1350878 updated on 2014-08-18
1180. By Stephen M. Webb on 2014-08-18

reverse ifdef sense to enable fix

kevin gunn (kgunn72) wrote :

bregma if you or someone on your team reviews mterry's then i'll see if we can add it to the current silo

Unmerged revisions

1180. By Stephen M. Webb on 2014-08-18

reverse ifdef sense to enable fix

1179. By Stephen M. Webb on 2014-08-18

PAM authentication: don't slay non-reentrant code

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1=== modified file 'tests/mocks/LightDM/demo/GreeterPrivate.cpp'
2--- tests/mocks/LightDM/demo/GreeterPrivate.cpp 2014-07-15 16:38:02 +0000
3+++ tests/mocks/LightDM/demo/GreeterPrivate.cpp 2014-08-18 19:21:10 +0000
4@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@
5 // Clear out any existing PAM interactions first (we can't simply
6 // cancel our QFuture because QtConcurrent::run doesn't support cancel)
7 if (pamHandle != NULL) {
9+ return;
11 pam_handle *handle = pamHandle;
12 pamHandle = NULL; // to disable normal finishPam() handling
13 while (respond(QString())); // clear our local queue of QFutures


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