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2739. [FIX] account: Refund invoices didn't...

Author: Borja López Soilán (NeoPolus)
Revision Date: 2010-05-19 08:05:03 UTC

[FIX] account: Refund invoices didn't support sequences by fiscal year

  It was not possible to use a sequence by fiscal year for the invoices,
  and a different sequence by fiscal year for the refund invoices.

  This is a legal requirement on some countries (like Spain).

  The problem was that if no invoice sequence was specified for the
  jornal, then OpenERP used automatically one invoice sequence or one
  refund invoice sequence given the current invoice type.
  But if an invoice sequence was defined for the jornal, OpenERP used it
  always, for both the invoices and refunds.

  This fix adds a new field to the journals, to let the user specify a
  different sequence for refund invoices (if he wants).

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