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9317170... by Ashley James

Adopt juju 3.1 + refactor functional tests.

* Switch zaza requirement to the libjuju-3.1 branch.
* Changes accounting for strict snap of juju 3.x not being able to access /tmp dir.
* Modify ssh key generated for testing connectivity with test instance.

Reviewed-by: Eric Chen <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Chi Wai CHAN <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: 🤖 prod-jenkaas-bootstack <email address hidden>

742ba0a... by Ashley James

Fix lint errors.

97f9e2f... by Ashley James

Remove func test bundles because of hitting timeout.

* Remove jammy-yoga and focal-yoga-ovn bundles.
* The focal-yoga and jammy-yoga-ovn covers the jammy/focal series and
ovs/ovn setup as well.

f61586c... by Ashley James

Modify tmp file handling for cloudinit-userdata.

5e2750c... by Ashley James

Fix functional tests for juju 3.1

* Fix juju model-config command with "--file".
* Create accessible tmp dir location for juju model-config to access.
* Create OpenSSH format ED25519 key for testing instance connectivity.

ee702f9... by Ashley James

Fix zaza requirement

9087567... by Ashley James

Fix func test error.

d7baf2b... by Ashley James

Adopt juju 3.1

4267ca5... by Mert Kirpici

Close LP #1998094

Reviewed-by: Erhan Sunar <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Ramesh Sattaru <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Eric Chen <email address hidden>

c74eba4... by Mert Kirpici

chore: unignore docstring rules

Works-on: 1998094
Signed-off-by: Mert Kırpıcı <email address hidden>