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Recent revisions

8030. By Alex Fiestas

Compare only with the specific serviceType instead of the whole mime

8029. By Alex Fiestas

Initial support of dav resource for Accounts

Since we do not want to port the whole resource to Accounts I have
taken the following approach:

When the configuration is reloaded:
 -Remove any remoteUrl that belong to a disabled service
 -Create new remoteUrl for newly enabled services

Those urls that belong to Accounts have $accounts$ as the username so
we will be able to continue having the same functionality we had until
now, plus Accounts.

In the future I'd like to port the resource completely but future me
will take care of that.
(cherry picked from commit f0d34c90a03a9d6b165cfd1f4befdae0e97f6f5c)


8028. By Alex Fiestas

Announce support for Accounts and prepare config

Adds AccountsId and AccountsServices to the config file
(cherry picked from commit b4052fc439e4164f9b0872de44622db08501137d)

8027. By Alex Fiestas

Use set_target_property instead of requiring Accounts/SigOnQt
(cherry picked from commit 9ee89a95e2e30948d7b8b03750e370955f0be41a)


8026. By Alex Fiestas

Add CMAke finders for AccountsQt and SigOnQt

In the future these dependencies will be optional, we'll switch to
that once KDE-Accoutns are integrated at least in google, facebook and
(cherry picked from commit b7ffa2964b417b85eaf5ed251cfc8a90d04e460c)


8025. By Alex Fiestas

facebook from kde-accounts branch

8024. By Alex Fiestas

Merge with master facebook resource

8023. By Martin Klapetek

Merge Facebook resource

This is the resource part of kde:akonadi-facebook with some
improvements and fixes. Building this resource is conditioned
by presence of LibKFbAPI library, found in extragear/libs.

This means that Facebook resource is now installed by default.

REVIEW: 107021
(cherry picked from commit 820c16e378517feec09c6e9a34ea9f99c8ab32e8)

8022. By Grégory Oestreicher <email address hidden>

Prevent duplicates in mCollectionsWithTemporaryError

BUG: 313670
BUG: 314206
FIXED-IN: 4.10.2

8021. By Christophe Giboudeaux <email address hidden>

Prepare for 4.10.2

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