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f50e1f2... by Blake Rouse on 2017-08-19

Fixes LP: #1710308, #1710278 - After BIND reload verify that the serial for all authoritative domains the new value before continuing.

224314c... by Lee Trager on 2017-08-16

LP: #1710681 - Allow architecture to be deselected in the UI.

The UI was preventing architectures from being deselected because removing the architecture meant removing the commissioning series for that architecture. The user is now allowed to deselect an architecture as long as another architecture is selected.

This is a backport of 79247ae722b4abe84154a1305b9be69e6158b490

719e54c... by Matt Rae on 2017-08-16

Backport dc1df66f0d87d6753b546b384eb665ece44e48e2 from master.

LP: #1708052 -- Quick erase doesn't remove md superblock

Increase write to 2 MB to beginning of the disk so software raid superblock are wiped.

e34eded... by Blake Rouse on 2017-08-15

Backport c2aed3017ef73b5af23c72d40c9c0c0fc1cf475f and 6ffe84b98701cff8ead64d082b807642da83f326 from master.

LP: #1707971 - Only expose the source address for each subnet on a region controller.

fdd2a22... by Newell Jensen on 2017-08-04

Backport 4bd80838b1c0b4bcbac23eccf734e0b02a568bff from master.

LP: #1704444 -- Catches and raises error message to API/CLI for 500 errors caused by power actions already in progress.

8751f91... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-07-27


d8a34a8... by Newell Jensen on 2017-07-27

Backport 203936f14ba93a88ec95eb63f548af35adb226f7 from master.

LP: #1706196 - Don't allocate composed machine with tags.

Exclude pod machine composition during allocation if tags are supplied.

2a2fb20... by Lee Trager on 2017-07-27

Set the no_proxy environment variable to,localhost.

When MAAS starts importing boot resources it sets the proxy environment
variables for the whole process, if an external proxy is set. No exceptions were made for or localhost. Region refresh sends results to itself over HTTP. Because no exceptions were allowed region refresh failed.

Fixes: LP: #1705508
Backport: 027666bfbc56fbd52ebcd40ac0d9e71a9d4cc41e

ac4abda... by Lee Trager on 2017-07-27

Emulate a terminal when logging script output

Some applications don't properly detect that they are not being run in a
terminal and refresh output for progress bars, counters, and spinners. These
characters quickly add up making the log difficult to read. When writing output
from an application emulate a terminal so readable data is captured.

Fixes: LP: #1705792
Backport: abc094c196c4f7c7d96bb336f0f33c894eeff0bb

e197e9e... by Lee Trager on 2017-07-26

Allow uploading images with the format osystem/release.

All images uploaded are now of rtype UPLOADED. Users can upload using the format osystem/release where osystem is a supported OS.

Fixes: LP: #1701694, #1361370