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f728fc4... by Jeff Lane on 2017-04-18

bin/virtualization: change machine type for s390x to a more generic type that should work across versions LP: #1683895

d543d00... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-04-18

Merge #322187 from ~sylvain-pineau/plainbox-provider-checkbox:snap_resource

0643692... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-04-12

Merge #322464 from ~bladernr/plainbox-provider-checkbox:1682157-lxd-test-typo

a3aaf54... by Jeff Lane on 2017-04-12

fixed typo in virtualization script that caused traceback when lxd test failed to get images from default stream LP: #1682157

4893cf6... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-04-10

Merge #322306 from ~rodsmith/plainbox-provider-checkbox:add-uuidgen-dependency

2b29ced... by Rod Smith on 2017-04-10

Fix missing dependency on uuid-runtime for disk_stress_ng test.

02cb700... by Sylvain Pineau on 2017-04-07

Add snap resource to miscellanea/submission-resources

0b8af69... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-04-06

Merge #321439 from ~kissiel/plainbox-provider-checkbox:apste-support-job

8ec9087... by Maciej Kisielewski on 2017-03-29

add job that checks APSTE availabilty on NVMe drives

I decided to go with device.driver == 'nvme' and device.category == 'OTHER'"
template-filter to make sure only one job is generated (per controller), and
that the template will be given nvmeN name (N being 0, 1..), so the check for
pm_qos file would be possible. If I'd narrow it down to category == 'DISK' then
the drives would be reported, like nvme0n1, which is fine for the nvme cli
tool, but it would require some obscure tweaking to get 'the parent' for the
sysfs check.

af7c972... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-04-04

Merge #321819 from ~sylvain-pineau/plainbox-provider-checkbox:no_prefix_block_resource