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ebb1f2b... by Jeff Lane on 2017-02-23

bin/network: pep8 fixes

bc56699... by Jeff Lane on 2017-02-23

bin/network: fix traceback when device to be tested has no IP address LP: #1662724

6d19023... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-02-21

Merge #317286 from ~pierre-equoy/plainbox-provider-checkbox:1660386-mount-drive-before-storage-tests

0564789... by Pierre Equoy on 2017-02-16

Automatically mount drives when running storage tests

When running disk/storage_device_* jobs, if the drive is not mounted, we now
check if it can be mounted (i.e. if it has a partition) and if possible we
mount it to a dedicated temporary location in order to perform the storage

LP: #1660386

10465f1... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-02-14

Merge #316804 from ~bladernr/plainbox-provider-checkbox:1662580-fix-kvm-test

f4731f8... by Jeff Lane on 2017-02-13

Fixes from review comments. Also fixed bug caught while testing other fixes when a bad URL is provided causing _test_url to traceback. Also a few PEP8 fixes.

0dfd398... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-02-10

Merge #316985 from ~bladernr/plainbox-provider-checkbox:fix-boot-mode-test

366e3be... by Jeff Lane on 2017-02-10

bin/boot_mode_test: breaks now when getting linux_distribution output. Now split on the . in 16.04 explicitly. LP: #1663665

26823e5... by Jeff Lane on 2017-02-09

bin/virtualization: fixed bug that broke download of cloud image. LP: #1662580

4802d76... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-02-08

Merge #316537 from ~pierre-equoy/plainbox-provider-checkbox:1655211-graphics-driver