Last commit made on 2016-10-13
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582c8ca... by Jeff Lane on 2016-10-13

make ethertool_check jobs run as root to eliminate those 'Cannot get wake-on-lan settings: Operation not permitted' error messages in test output

ced1c5c... by Rod Smith on 2016-10-05

Fix failure to detect network speed on ARM64 system (Cavium Thunder)

326c098... by Sylvain Pineau on 2016-10-05

Clone plainbox and plainbox-provider-resource to run tests in containers

90c9eeb... by Sylvain Pineau on 2016-10-05

Add .pmr-merge-hook

f04eb77... by Sylvain Pineau on 2016-10-03

Add .bumpversion.cfg

e2f3f0d... by Sylvain Pineau on 2016-10-02

Remove old files (.provider and .bzrignore)

e323c5f... by Jeff Lane on 2016-09-30

p-p-c/bin/ipmi_test: fixed to not bail on driver load failure as some systems don't use the same modules. Modified output just a bit as well to be more informative

f927d9a... by Pierre Equoy on 2016-09-30

"Release_2016_Week39 [r=pierre-equoy][bug=1331302,1341769,1347120,1382321,1383447,1387782,1387843,1388055,1388747,1389253,1399481,1400646,1403933,1406719,1410501,1428615,1451343,1451541][author=checkbox-dev]"

4930609... by Pierre Equoy on 2016-09-30

providers/plainbox-provider-checkbox: increment version to 0.32.dev0

8650588... by Nara Huang on 2016-09-30

providers:checkbox: Change bluetooth/file-transfer job dependency