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b3193d5... by Björn Tillenius

Check to ensure that the 'maas' snap is installed.

cf693df... by Björn Tillenius

Read snap.yaml instead of parsing the snap info output.

e7a5850... by Björn Tillenius

One diff command is enough.

ae47034... by Björn Tillenius

Make snap-bind-mount consider committed files as well.

It now gets the revision the currently installed snap is based on and
looks at the changes since that commit.

This makes it easier to test larger changes where you want to commit
what you're working on.

1987a87... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to 183f209c
feat(ui): fetch full machine details from machine cloning form (#2932)

a3a2a00... by "dependabot[bot]" <49699333+dependabot[bot]@users.noreply.github.com>

Update maas-ui to 03a5d518
build(deps): bump tar from 6.1.0 to 6.1.6 (#2929)

6ef28b9... by Bill Wear

Update maas-offline-docs to de43ad34
more fixes to broken links and urls

d8dc79c... by Bill Wear

Update maas-offline-docs to f064ac18
various url/link fixes in index file

dde4950... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to 64812c4f
feat(ui): build source machine select in cloning form (#2928)

0ae8b30... by Bill Wear

Update maas-offline-docs to 1d4afefe
****** DONE create new document "Commissioning scripts reference" under the "Reference" header
       [2021-08-04 Wed 18:57]
****** DONE reference material from "How to commission machines" to "Commissioning scripts reference"
       [2021-08-04 Wed 18:58]
****** DONE retitle material in "Commissioning scripts reference" to match diataxis style
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:00]
****** DONE create new discourse topic (4862) for "Commissioning scripts reference"
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:03]
****** DONE add URL for "Commissioning scripts reference" to index file
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:00]
****** DONE repoint "commissioning-and-hardware-testing-script" --> "Commissioning scripts reference"
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:01]
****** DONE push updates to maas index document (URL changes)
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:17]
****** DONE rerun radRdbload to pick up new URLs
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:04]
****** DONE remake changed files "How to commission..." and "Comm scripts ref..."
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:14]
****** DONE add navigation link for "Comm scripts reference" & push
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:29]
****** DONE add pointer to "Testing scripts reference" to top of "Commissioning scripts reference" & repush
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:01]
****** TODO update github
       [2021-08-04 Wed 19:02]