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be51037... by Björn Tillenius

Simplify ConfigHandler.

f050631... by Björn Tillenius

LP #1926140: maas_url not returned to the UI

The UI gets the URL from the config websocket handler, but the code in
there to return the maas url was broken. The maas url was never stored
in the database, so the UI always got the default

Now we sync the maas_url from regiond.conf to the database on startup.
Eventually we want to get rid of maas_url from regiond.conf completely
and store it only in the database.

4ebc447... by Adam Collard

LP 1927036: Fix interface form to correct spelling of accept-ra in netplan config

7fea840... by Christian Grabowski

Add units asserting setting a node's default gateway will set its default DNS

b6b3efb... by Lee Trager

Accept disabled_boot_architectures field over DHCP config/validation RPC.

If disabled_boot_architectures is provided in the subnet field of the DHCP
configuration or validation RPC call any listed boot architecture will not
be included in dhcpd.conf.

b427da9... by Lee Trager

Add disabled_boot_architectures Postgres trigger

df06151... by Alberto Donato

record ControllerInfo.udpate_origin as short URL for PPAs

5ffc71b... by Lee Trager

Add API support for disabled_boot_architectures

a87b3ca... by Björn Tillenius

update_node_interfaces() failed if some interface parents didn't exist.

This happens if there are veth interfaces in bridges, since LXD will
include that in the bridge information, but it won't create network
entries for them.

b7378e3... by Björn Tillenius

Always call update_node_interfaces() in process_lxd_results()

Before, it was only called for controllers, and some of the logic in
process_lxd_results was not executed for controllers, since that conflicted
with update_node_interfaces().

Now the same code path to update interfaces is used for controllers, vm hosts,
and any machine.