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9f8f2d1... by Björn Tillenius

LP #1908087 - Reverse DNS for non-maas RFC1918 zones fails inside maas

Considering MAAS is usually configured to point to another DNS within a
DC, having empty-zones-enable set to 'no' makes the most sense.
Especially since that was the behaviour in bind9 before MAAS 2.9.

In the future we might want to make this optional.

(cherry picked from commit 39e32f00c7b02ac792f390ee1f8fb1298afc9aa5)

434a07f... by Alberto Donato

add MD2 deprecation for RSD pod support drop

c6107a4... by Lee Trager

LP: #1916317 - Add web socket function to delete or download Script content

Backport of 6fa37cd

71c6c1c... by Lee Trager

LP: #1916073 - Include qemu-efi-aarch64 when install_kvm=True on ARM64

Backport of b1b55d2

660384c... by Lee Trager

LP: #1915970 - Skip Facebook Wedge BMC detection on non-x86 architectures

Facebook Wedge BMC detection uses dmidecode to detect if commissioning is
running on a supported switch. dmidecode is only supported on x86. As
dmidedcode doesn't exist on non-x86 architectures automatically skip
detection on non-x86 architectures.

I discovered this while enabling IBM Z which does not support BMC
detection at all. As such BMC detection is now automatically skipped
on S390X.

Backport of c076fdd

f99cc77... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to 184753f
fix(ui): fix infinite redirect of death when switching user (#2178) (#2187)

8bc6a88... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1915869 - move python compileall back to prime, without prefix

c8cdfb4... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1902425

 - always create neighbour entries for IPs in use.
 - exclude already tested IPs when claiming IPs during deploy

Rework Interface.update_neighbour move check for neighbour discovery to call sites.
This also changes IP claim checks to always create a neighbour entry when the IP is found to be in use (even if the rack interface doesn't have neighbour discovery enabled).

This fixes a corner case for the linked bug which happens when the used IP is
on an interface that has neighbour discovery disabled, in which case the IP is
not recorded in MAAS, and can get picked up again.

36017c2... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1912727 - always include default_storage_pool/storage_pools in Pod websocket

77a9b6c... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1915021 #1915022 - fix subnet mapping in the snap, add nmap

Subnet mapping acquires a lock under /dev/shm which needs to be prefixed with
the snap name
This also adds nmap to the snap, which makes mapping faster