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d105c31... by Bin Li

Check the XDG_SESSION_TYPE before running the jobs. (LP: #1968842)

b32fcb9... by Bin Li

Using ignore to fix the paring error in touchpad_confidence_bit.py. (LP: #1979036)

a833214... by Bin Li

Using ignore to fix the paring error. (LP: #1979036)

af38457... by Sylvain Pineau

Merge commit 'a14a1ac156d0ce11f542ada566c4dc0a2685e476' into merge-424714

a14a1ac... by Pierre Equoy

Change:touchpad: merge 2-finger horizontal and vertical scroll jobs into one

The touchpad_test.py script allows to test all of the four directions at
once. After discussing with QA team, there never was a case where only
horizontal or only vertical scrolling did not work. It's either all or
nothing. touchpad/multitouch-horizontal and touchpad/multitouch-vertical
are therefore merged into one touchpad/multitouch job.

91478e8... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Merge #424146 from ~pieq/plainbox-provider-checkbox:1968943-rework-max-resolution-job

a028a44... by Pierre Equoy

Remove: graphics_modes_info.py script and related jobs

The graphics_modes_info.py script is used in two jobs that are not
called in any of our test plans. Moreover, since it uses xrandr, the
output might be incorrect on recent versions of Ubuntu (22.04+) using
Wayland as default.

73af3e7... by Pierre Equoy

Change: graphics/*_maximum_resolution_* compatible with X and Wayland

On Wayland, xrandr returns the current resolution as the maximum
resolution, even when it is not. For instance, if a laptop has a
3840x2160 screen but is currently set to 2560x1440, xrandr would
return 2560x1440 as the maximum available resolution.

Moreover, the python oneliner to check current resolution breaks on
recent versions of Gtk because Gdk.Screen has been deprecated.

Introduce a new script that:

- retrieves monitor(s) info from sysfs (port, max resolution, status,
- uses up-to-date Gtk 3 methods to grab the current resolution and
scale factor for each connected monitors
- displays this information for tester to review
- compares data from sysfs and Gtk and returns an error if their data
does not match (so that the graphics/*_maximum_resolution_* job status
is automatically set to Passed or Failed depending of the outcome)

Update the graphics/*_maximum_resolution_* job to call this script.

LP: #1968943

324babd... by Pierre Equoy

Fix:touchpad_test.py: Use smooth scrolling events to determine direction

"scroll-method" was removed back in 2015[1] and replaced with
"edge-scrolling-enabled" and "two-finger-scrolling-enabled" keys (both
of them boolean values)[2].

Moreover, Wayland and recent versions of X (libinput) dispatch a
GDK_SCROLL_SMOOTH event instead of the old
GDK_SCROLL_[UP|DOWN|LEFT|RIGHT]. However, using this, the script has to
compute the direction using the deltas provided by
event.get_scroll_deltas(). This works on default GNOME settings
("Natural Scrolling" enabled).

LP: #1969170


f46c63f... by Pierre Equoy

Fix:touchpad_test.py: remove unused gsettings key

"horiz-scroll-enabled" has been removed in GNOME 3.34 and was never an
official key to begin with (it had to be enabled manually in dconf).