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Ralph Lange (ralph-lange) wrote :

I like the idea of separating the Device Support debug setting from Record Support debug setting (as I had stated in the GitHub discussion), so I would be in favor of a new field, and DDBG sounds good as a name.

Larger threshold values sound like a good idea.

I don't understand why the aSub does not get the VAL printed, and the message might be misleading (as OUTx are the output links, not the output values).
Also, for a debug function, I would expect it to print VALx values independent from the event posting setting. (As with all records that don't have such a setting.)

bi/bo should IMHO always print the numerical value, and add the string if ONAM/ZNAM are defined.

mbbi/mbbo should add the string representation if there is one defined.

For many record types, when used with other than Soft Device Support, the RVAL field is as interesting as the VAL field.

aai/aao/compress/dfanout/event/histogram/int64in/int64out/lsi/lso/mbbiDirect/mbboDirect/permissive/sel/seq/state/stringin/stringout/subArray/sub/waveform are missing.

review: Needs Fixing

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