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95da3b0... by Ben Franksen

move optimization for scalar requests from link to channel

The optimization is now available for all dbChannels, instead of only for DB
links, and also for requests involving filters. The code more clearly points
out where we optimize this special case and under what conditions.

3eeebb7... by mdavidsaver

Com: avoid intentional memory leak in epicsEnvSet

Switch default impl. to setenv/unsetenv
Switch WIN32 to use _putenv_s
On vxWorks putenv() is documented to make a copy.

log error, but never halt, if env (un)set not possible.

RTEMS <4.10 compat where unsetenv() returns void.

1bd0417... by mdavidsaver

epicsEnvTest: ensure epicsEnvSet copies argument

e5aab65... by mdavidsaver

ci: remove travis debris

f9ea6a5... by Andrew Johnson

CI config and git export tweaks

Add paths-ignore filters for GHA PRs
Stop .tools/ and .gitattributes commits from triggering CI
Exclude CI files from git exports

54e9d3f... by mdavidsaver

ci: github actions add mingw

7e01cda... by mdavidsaver

ci: GHA always upload tapfiles

746d21c... by Ziga Oven <email address hidden>

Add usage messages

7eb7988... by Oksana Ivashkevych <email address hidden>

Add usage to miscIocRegister.c and dbStaticIocRegister.c

5daf4fc... by Matthew Pearson <email address hidden>

epicsStdlib.h: add doxygen comments.