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8ca85b3... by Ben Franksen

fix (justified) warnings in dbUnitTest.c

aaf6163... by Ben Franksen

move array range parsing to arrayRangeModifier module

6aaf531... by Ben Franksen

fix API docs in arrayRangeModifier.h

a30969c... by Ben Franksen

address modifier API is now polymorphic

There is still only one implementation, the array range modifier, but
alternative ones could be added now. The concrete behavior of the array
range modifier is unchanged and merely hidden in a module. However parsing
is still part of the dbChannel module. Disentangling this part from
dbChannel will require a bit more restructuring.

Since the generic dbAddrModifier now has a small constant size (two
pointers), it makes more sense to embed it fully inside dbChannel.

8f4ed7d... by Ben Franksen

factor out dbHandleModifier from dbPutModifier

This is the first step in changing address modifiers to be polymorphic.

f0dbd54... by Ben Franksen

add tests for address modifiers in output links

2ca474f... by Ben Franksen

add support for array address modifiers on put

This is independent from server-side filters. It only works with the bracket
notation "PV[s:i:e]", and not with the JSON filter syntax. However, we
re-use the function wrapArrayIndices from the array filters, moving it to
the ioc/db layer.

3eeebb7... by mdavidsaver

Com: avoid intentional memory leak in epicsEnvSet

Switch default impl. to setenv/unsetenv
Switch WIN32 to use _putenv_s
On vxWorks putenv() is documented to make a copy.

log error, but never halt, if env (un)set not possible.

RTEMS <4.10 compat where unsetenv() returns void.

1bd0417... by mdavidsaver

epicsEnvTest: ensure epicsEnvSet copies argument

e5aab65... by mdavidsaver

ci: remove travis debris