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8. By Étienne Beaulé

Update 2 elements and fix typo

7. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/control (Standards-Version): Bumped to 3.9.3.
* debian/patches/czech_translation_559028.patch: Adjusted.
  - Adjusted name for Ununbium (#656372).
* debian/patches/656372_element_renames.patch: Added (closes: #656372).
  - Ununbium has been renamed to Copernicium.
* debian/patches/665529_glib_headers.patch: Added (closes: #665529).
  - Fix FTBFS with glib 2.32.
* debian/patches/series: Adjusted.

6. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/control (Standards-Version): Bumped to 3.9.2.
  (Uploaders): Removed Cesare Tirabassi with thanks (closes: #633662).
  (Build-Depends): Removed dpatch. Added autogen-dev (>= 20100122.1).
* debian/copyright: Minor update.
* debian/rules: Removed dpatch stuff and get-orig-source target. Call
  autogen debhelper addon. Disable tests to fix an FTBFS by intltool
  complaining about the files in the .pc quilt directory.
  (override_dh_clean): Run missing dh_clean.
* debian/patches/579183_adjust_size_middle_button.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/604612_fix_menu_category.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/604618_scrollable_properties_dialog.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/add_new_wave_theme.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/czech_translation_559028.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/fix_gtkmm_2.18.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/fix_zinc_german_translation.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/ftbfs_doxygen_590382.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/ftbfs_missing_limits.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/lp673285_link_in_about.dpatch: Renamed to
* debian/patches/00list: Renamed to debian/patches/series and adjusted.
* debian/patches/*.patch: Comments added.
* debian/source/format: Added for source format 3.0 (quilt).

5. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/compat: Increased to compatiblity level 7.
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Bumped to 3.9.1.
  (Homepage): Set to archive.org, because site is offline for a long time.
  (Vcs-Browser): Point to real location.
  (Build-Depends): Increased dh version.
* debian/rules: Rewritten for dh 7.
* debian/patches/579183_adjust_size_middle_button.dpatch: Added.
  - src/buttons.cc: Request the natural width of the "active" button in the
    middle to avoid cut element symbols (closes: #579183).
* debian/patches/604612_fix_menu_category.dpatch: Added.
  - data/gelemental.desktop.in: Category is Education (closes: #604612).
* debian/patches/604618_scrollable_properties_dialog.dpatch: Added.
  - src/dialogs.cc: Make the properties dialog scrollable (closes: #604618).
* debian/patches/lp673285_link_in_about.dpatch: Added.
  - src/main.cc: Don't change the homepage label but link to archive.org
    (LP: #673285).
* debian/patches/00list: Adjusted.

4. By Michael Banck

* debian/control: Add ${misc:Depends} to Depends lines.
* debian/patches/ftbfs_doxygen_590382.dpatch: New patch, skip installing (no
  longer generated) .dot and .gif files (closes: #590382).
* debian/control (Uploaders): Added myself.

3. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/control (Standards-Version): Bumped to 3.8.3.
  (Vcs-Svn): Fixed vcs-field-uses-not-recommended-uri-format.
* debian/watch: Comment out homepage. Not reachable anymore.
* debian/README.source: Added dpatch notice.
* debian/patches/fix_gtkmm_2.18.dpatch: Added from Ubuntu (LP: #441453).
  - can_focus() has been deprecated for gtkmm >= 2.18 in favour of a
    new get_can_focus() method.
* debian/patches/add_new_wave_theme.dpatch: Added from Ubuntu (LP: #486798).
  - add the New Wave theme to the list of themes that have issues with
    button colours.
* debian/patches/559028_cs_po.dpatch: Added.
  - po/cs.po: Czech translation by Marek Černocký (closes: #559028).
* debian/patches/00list: Adjusted.

2. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/control (Build-Depends): Added missing graphviz (doxygen).
* debian/patches/fix_zinc_german_translation.dpatch: Added.
  - libelemental/data.cc (table_data): Fix translation of "zink", which is
    not "tin".
* debian/patches/00list: Added.

1. By Daniel Leidert

Import upstream version 1.2.0

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