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72. By Benji York on 2012-03-02

add changelog entry

71. By Benji York on 2012-03-02

add the ability to specify the user to connect as (-u) and which key to use (-S)

70. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-28

* 0050-clone-lvm-sizes: make lxc-clone with lvm snapshots create a
  snapshot of the same size as the original. (LP: #939765)
* run our dnsmasq as user 'lxc-dnsmasq' (LP: #939774)
  - add debian/lxc.postinst to create the user
  - debian/lxc.lxc-net.upstart: run dnsmasq as lxc-dnsmasq user
* 0051-lxc-create-lvm-use-1G: bump lvm blockdev size to 1G (LP: #942338)
* 0052-ubuntu-bind-user-conflict: don't create 'ubuntu' user when a user
  gets bound in. (LP: #942144)
* 0053-lxc-start-pin-rootfs: don't let the container remount an underlying
  shared fs readonly (LP: #942325)
* 0054-ubuntu-debug: add --debug option to ubuntu and ubuntu-cloud
  templates (LP: #942847)
* 0055-ubuntu-handle-badgrp: fix the group handling to not assume a user's
  group has the user's name. (LP: #942850)

69. By Stéphane Graber on 2012-02-22

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* 0048-warn-if-container-started: If container startup fails because the
  container is already running, give an error message to that effect.
  (LP: #938765)

[ Stéphane Graber ]
* 0049-ubuntu-template-sudo-and-cleanup: Always make the user part of the
  sudo group. This group has been around since at least 10.04 and is more
  reliable than the admin group. Still add the user to the admin group
  until 12.04 as some tool expect that. (LP: #938752)
  Also fix a minor layout issue in the generate LXC config.

68. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-20

* 0047-bindhome-check-shell:
  - Make sure to install a bound user's shell in the container. (LP: #936762)
  - Create bound user's group in the container.

67. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-17

* 0045-fix-other-templates: lots of template fixes. Make sshd, debian,
  fedoray, and busybox templates actually work. Fix inconsistent --auth_key
  vs --auth-key usage in ubuntu templates.
* 0046-lxc-clone-change-hwaddr - when cloning a container, give it a new
  hwaddr. (LP: #934256)

66. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-16

[ Graham Binns ]
debian/local/lxc-start-ephemeral: retry ssh in case sshd was slow in
starting. (LP: #933779)

65. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-15

[ Ben Howard ]
* 0043-tweak-templates.patch:
  - Add a macaddr to configs created by ubuntu-cloud template
  - Add ssh key injection, locales, and tarball specification support to
    ubuntu-cloud template.

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* (also in 0043-tweak-templates.patch) Add a macaddr to configs created by
  ubuntu template (LP: #931229) and allow an ssh key to be injected.
* debian/control: add openssl as Recommends as it's now used by the
* 0044-lxc-destroy-rm-autos: remove autostart symlinks when deleting a
  container. (LP: #930525)

64. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-13

0042-close-fds.patch: add a new --close-all-fds option. Normally if
lxc-start is started with an open fd, it exits with failiure. With
this option specified, the fds will be closed and startup will continue.
--daemon now implies --close-all-fds. (LP: #931220)

63. By Stéphane Graber on 2012-02-10

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* 0040-consoles-into-devlxc.patch: move lxc's console and ttys into
  /dev/lxc/, and create symlinks into /dev. (LP: #927519)

[ Stéphane Graber ]
* 0041-ubuntu-template-user-and-tty:
  + Use ubuntu/ubuntu by default instead of root/root
  + Set devttydir to /dev/lxc on Precise
  + Stop modifying dhclient.conf as the default behavior is identical.
  + Stop removing tty[56].conf on Precise
  + Do not modify /etc/udev/udev.conf on Precise
  + Move information message about default login/password to the end
    of the container cration so users can't miss it.

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