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Resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, network and processes.

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[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (11.4 KiB) Focal Bashtop-Bpytop PPA
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (17.0 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (16.8 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (16.6 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (16.9 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (16.6 KiB) s390x
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (12.9 KiB) Bionic Bashtop-Bpytop PPA
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (18.2 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (17.7 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (17.6 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (18.2 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (17.7 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu18.04.1 buildlog (17.6 KiB) s390x
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (12.8 KiB) Xenial Bashtop-Bpytop PPA
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (18.0 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (15.8 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (15.8 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (18.0 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (16.6 KiB) powerpc
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (15.8 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git278-60f95a1~ubuntu16.04.1 buildlog (15.7 KiB) s390x
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.5 KiB) Focal Bashtop-Bpytop PPA
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (13.7 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (13.8 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (13.8 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (13.8 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.04.1 buildlog (13.7 KiB) s390x
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.5 KiB) Groovy Bashtop-Bpytop PPA
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.10.1 buildlog (13.7 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.10.1 buildlog (13.7 KiB) arm64
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.10.1 buildlog (13.6 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.10.1 buildlog (13.8 KiB) ppc64el
[FULLYBUILT] bashtop - 0.9.25+git277-4bf71e6~ubuntu20.10.1 buildlog (13.6 KiB) s390x

Recipe contents

# git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version {debversion}+git{revno}-{git-commit}
lp:~bashtop-monitor/cinnamon-test/+git/trunk master
nest-part packaging lp:~bashtop-monitor/cinnamon-test/+git/packaging Packaging/debian debian debian_packaging