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b3cbd5a... by Brian Candler

Fixes KeyError for bridge with no "parameters:" setting

LP #1879673

d0b69e1... by James Falcon <email address hidden>

New feature flag functionality and fix includes failing silently (#367)

Build time feature flags are now defined in cloudinit/features.py.
Feature flags can be added to toggle configuration options or
deprecated features. Feature flag overrides can be placed in
cloudinit/feature_overrides.py. Further documentation can be found in

Additionally, updated default behavior to exit with an exception
if #include can't retrieve resources as expected. This behavior
can be toggled with a feature flag.

LP: #1734939

56f1939... by Moustafa Moustafa

Enhance poll imds logging (#365)

Improving the debugability of this code path by logging the thrown exception details for the non 404 exceptions.

Retry IMDS on HTTP Error 404 and 410, re-run DHCP on other exceptions.

d53921e... by Joshua Powers

test: fix all flake8 E121 and E123 errors (#404)

This fixes issues with closing brackets not matching the opening
bracket's line and continuation line under-idented for hanging indent.

5f7825e... by Joshua Powers

test: fix all flake8 E241 (#403)

Remove extra spaces after a ','

d2b0571... by Joshua Powers

test: ignore flake8 E402 errors in main.py (#402)

This puts an ignore on the imports not at the top of the file errors.
The reason for the ignore instead of fix is that the file is using imp
to grab a lock and patch logging before further imports are completed.

fc07d63... by Matthew Ruffell <email address hidden>

cc_grub_dpkg: determine idevs in more robust manner with grub-probe (#358)

Replace the hardcoded list of devices with a more robust way of determining
the device which grub is installed to.

We use grub-probe to fetch the underlying disk the /boot directory is
located on, and attempt to match the disk with its /dev/disk/by-id value.
If no such /dev/disk/by-id/ value exists, we fallback to the plain disk

The changes are robust to unstable kernel device names and ordering, and use
/dev/disk/by-id values to populate grub-pc/install_devices where possible.

LP: #1877491

4ab3303... by Joshua Powers

test: fix all flake8 E741 errors (#401)

This removes the use of variables named ‘l’, ‘O’, or ‘I’. Generally
these are used in list comprehension to read the line of lines.

1211ab4... by Chad Smith

tests: add groovy integration tests for ubuntu (#400)

0919bd4... by Bipin Bachhao

Enable chef_license support for chef infra client (#389)

Co-authored-by: Daniel Watkins <email address hidden>