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92eccf4... by Andrea Azzarone

misc.py: Restore the corrent euid in regain_privileges_save

Calling regain_privileges_save should restore the effective user-id to the one
before the call to drop_privileges_save. We need to call os.setresuid and
os.setresgid twice to avoid permission issues when calling os.setgroups.

Fixes LP: #1751252

8f367d9... by Iain Lane

releasing package ubiquity version 18.04.14

7e91052... by Iain Lane


24b8f8f... by Iain Lane

Accuratify the comment

1bb2b44... by Iain Lane

Move the Gio.Settings code into the constructor of the wizard

This runs with dropped privileges (uid = 0, euid = 999) whereas run() runs as
root (uid = 0, euid = 0). When run as 0 / 0, dconf creates its
XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/dconf/user database as root. We need to ensure that it runs in
a context with dropped privileges. (LP: #1767067)

11276f2... by Iain Lane

Revert the previous incomplete upload

Revert the previous upload. It didn't actually *fix* all cases, just
papered over them. If the race was lost, the screen reader still didn't
work in ubiquity-dm mode.

207233f... by Colin Watson

releasing package ubiquity version 18.04.13

697ba6e... by Colin Watson

Automatic update of included source packages: flash-kernel 3.90ubuntu3,
netcfg 1.142ubuntu7.

37c98b1... by Colin Watson

merge lp:~xnox/ubiquity/fixup-owner-with-remove

a4eab27... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Remove dconf/user before Try Ubuntu. LP: #1767067
Just, in case it has the wrong permissions, i.e. root and thus breaks
user running gnome session / shell / "Try Ubuntu".