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lp:python-congressclient 1 Development 2020-04-04 12:15:10 UTC
211. Cleanup py27 support Make a few clea...

Author: Andreas Jaeger
Revision Date: 2020-04-04 12:15:10 UTC

Cleanup py27 support

Make a few cleanups:
- Remove python-jobs, ussuri-jobs is enough
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Add requires on python >= 3.6 to setup.cfg so that pypi and pip
  know about the requirement
- Update classifiers
- Update requirements, no need for python_version anymore
- Remove html_last_updated_fmt from since it's set
  by newer openstackdocstheme, update requirement of openstackdocstheme.

Change-Id: I13f089de86ce3eb30770c91ee5372652e40fb52b

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