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1455. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-05-05

Fixed Camview camera not being correctly recreated between round or server changes.

1454. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-05-05

Also added a fortress spectating cockpit in last commit. Minor changes made to it.

1453. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-05-04

Moved camview type attribute to a child element,
Free camera always starts in the same position now,
Fixed cycle viewport cockpit not being properly initialised.

1452. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-03-12

Gave the default cockpit a facelift. It is now less busy while still being remotely faithful to the old cockpit. The non-incam version works wonders in horizontal split-screen. The source is also much smaller, making better use of templates (and not building wall clocks, sorry).
Changed the adjust mechanism to take a minimum and maximum resize factor to apply to the position and size(and not just their y coordinate) instead of just being on or off. The new default incam cockpit makes use of it.
Fixed current_ping cockpit data always showing 0.
Fixed cCockpit::ProcessWidget calling PostParsingProcess when still processing templates.
Fixed templates not accepting some widget elements in the DTD.
Fixed font sizes accumulating aspect ratio factors.

1451. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-03-11

Fixed maps and their background. Also further macrotemplatified "tString& << SomeKindOfList&" functions to also support non-pointer collection members. Should have been in trunk, but this branch is almost done.

1450. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-01-18

More camview fixes. size is now the full size of the widget, not half of it.

1449. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-01-17

Fixed an error in computing a subviewport's position when scale was applied to the parent. Fixed the Camview widget to work like other ones.

1448. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-01-14

Merge from mainline

1447. By Yann Kaiser on 2013-01-14

Just recuperated from corrupt HDD. Branch was partly corrupted so I couldn't just import it. Here's the gist of it.

  * DTD version bumped to 0.4.0beta1
  * Widgets are positionned on a new coordinate system which allows them to be positioned relative to anywhere on the screen
  * Widgets no longer get resized depending on screen ratio if they are explicitely anchored
  * Fixed bugs in which the screen ratio factors would not be applied in various circumstances
  * Fixed bug in which part of the cockpit would not be shown in portrait viewports (Also fixed viewport preview)
  * Captions and Current/Min/Max values can be positioned and have more location presets, and can set their sizes
  * All Gauges' main body now fill their bounding box completely. The default captions are positionned right outside them.
  * Allow all captions to be colored with a solid color or value gradient
  * Revamped <Label>s for the author to have more control over it and for it to behave more like other widgets. Allow cockpit authors to set cell and table borders. Row heights and margins now propagate down.

WIP on the camview widget. Was broken to begin with and even more broken for the moment, but had to commit.

1446. By Yann Kaiser on 2012-10-07

Fixed HAVE_LIBBOOST_THREAD not being set anymore

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